VIP Heavycore (lifetime)


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Vip Heavycore

Lifetime subscription to maintain the VIP status for life.
VIP Players can call a personal Attack Helicopter every 3 hours
VIP Players will receive 1 daily Supply Signals
VIP Players will have max backpack size
VIP Players have instant crafting, no crafting cooldowns.
VIP Players can use /recycle to recycle anytime, anywhere. Plus 1 home recycler
VIP Players can use parachutes while in air by pressing R or /chute and /chuteup
VIP Players will receive custom rank in discord and name colour + Group in game.
VIP Players can use Rocket turrets upgrade
VIP Players can use furnace levels upgrade
VIP Players get 1 x Test Gen Free
VIP Players can use scrap heli turret upgrade
VIP Players can use Baseupgrade upgrade (max lvl – sheet metal)
VIP Players get a Deployable MLRS vehicle for thier base
VIP Players will get 10% discount on our in-game store items

Special offer! Get Heavycore VIP and get 1 large loot bag free!


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